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tattoo artist

Getting a tattoo is just like getting a haircut – only that you’ll get stuck with that haircut for the rest of your life. so really nothing like getting haircut.

Therefore, you have to be very careful and think hard before actually getting a tattoo. And, more importantly, you have to be extra meticulous when it comes to choosing the right artist or studio to give you your very first tattoo.

If you risk going to an unqualified, inexperienced tattoo artist, you might just get stuck with a terrible tattoo for life.

But no worries because once you get a great tattoo artist to work with, you could get a beautiful work of art embedded on your body. So, instead of overthinking whether or not you should get a tattoo at all, start by making sure you get a dependable tattoo artist from a well-established tattoo studio.

Naturally, the quality of tattoos made in the past by the artist will be one of the basis if a specific tattoo artist is truly skilled or not. But before you pass judgment on a potential tattoo artist for you, keep in mind that every tattoo artist has their own specialty. So, if you’re meaning to get a geometric tattoo design, try to look for an artist who specializes in that area.

tattoo artist

When checking their portfolio of past clients, be sharp in looking at smaller details such as the smoothness of the edges, the straightness of lines, and so on. Good tattoo artists should have a steady hand and would not do sloppy work.

Aside from looking at the quality of past work, you should also check the artist’s workplace, too. Remember that needles will be piercing through your skin during the procedure – therefore, it has to be done in a hygienic place. Otherwise, you are risking getting the unwanted infection. If possible, watch how your prospective tattoo artist work and observe if they throw away tattoo needles after a single use (which they should) and if they use sterilized equipment (like tattoo tubes) while working. I had a friend from the place I worked at – Steele Carpet Cleaning Airdrie, who got HIV from an infected tattoo needle so you do have to be very careful.